Kdrama: The Vampire / 더 뱀파이어 ~ when?

Not so sure if there are any kdrama and/or jdrama fans reading this blog but well, here is an interesting information for those of you impatiently waiting for this supposedly spin-off of the great serie Vampire Prosecutor / 뱀파이어 검사.

So there are actually two seasons for this show, and no need to say that the ending of the second season just make your thirst for this show even greater.


(Haven’t watched it? You should: detective, action, fantastic, thriller, though almost undetectable romance)

Rumors have been spreading all over the Internet about when it will air. Most were saying it should be in 2013, but nothing came out. Then came 2014, and a very short caption of the serie came in an anouncment from OCN.


People got crazy, but we are in October and still nothing seems to out.

So I went directly to the source, trying to get some info (basically searching on Korean websites) and here is what I’ve found:

February 2015 is the announced date of realease.

Let’s hope this time it will be for good.


February 2015…save the date… ❤