The nightmare of the k-pop industry

An excellent article using the example of Busker Busker to show some glimpse of the k-pop industry.

>>> Here <<<

It’s a little long but gives you many details on the history of Busker Busker (버스커버스커), from dusts to stars, and how crazily insane is the kpop world.

Indeed it seems quite dreamy from the outside but when you dig a little those singers and dancers are puppets of major label companies. To be honest, the word should be more negative, like « slave », but this would involve that they were forced to do it, that they didn’t chose it… did they? Hard to make the difference when you don’t have the experience of it. They probably love their job to keep some motivation in such an unhealthy environment!

Also check out this video from Simon & Martina ( eatyourkimchi )

I got the article from it so no need to click on it again in the middle of the video.



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